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CopperMan 04-04-2019 07:17 PM

Diesel nut
This forum looks cool, so I just joined.
I built a 1978 Bronco and swapped in a 1991 Cummins 6BT engine with a C6 automatic and converter built specifically for the engine. I'm running 3.55 gears and 37" tires, the truck is lifted 9 inches, but being a Bronco, it's very lightweight for a diesel, at 5150 lbs on my scale. The VE injection pump is maxed out, and I get 32 psi of boost at full throttle, but when cruising, I average 22-25 mpg, as long as I keep the speed under 65 mph. I'm currently installing a turbocharger upgrade and intercooler, so the light haze of black smoke I used to get should be gone, and replaced by more power and better efficiency. My goal would be for the truck to get close to 30 mpg cruising at 45 mph. It's barely idling at that speed.

Anyway, I love diesels, my first vehicle was a 1981 toyota diesel with a 5-speed, that thing got 34 mpg highway, but only 69 hp. I am eyeballing a VW TDI engine with its VE pump that's similar to the one on my Cummins, and I think I will end up putting it into a rear-wheel drive Ford at some point and see how high I can get the mpg.

redpoint5 04-04-2019 07:31 PM

Fun stuff! I'm a diesel fan too, but haven't tinkered much and slowly lost interest as it became apparent diesel will never be cheaper than gasoline again.

I've got a "Juice With Attitude" chip on my ISB, but didn't tap the fuel injector since I got scared with the stories of killing the VP44 immediately. That and my already sloppy tranny would probably grenade.

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