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SVOboy 11-18-2007 03:31 AM

DIY - Chipping a Honda ECU
Forgot to take a before picture, but meh.

Okay, here's the point to this if you dunno: the ecu has code on it that says how much fuel to inject when depending on a combination of rpm and load, these tables are called the fuel maps. If you put this eprom chip in its spot, and the other gate chip, then connect a jumper, you can bypass the stock stuff and read from your own tables. This means that you can inject more fuel, tune for a turbo, or lean it out for better gas mileage. You don't just make up your values though, you start with a stock program, open in an editor that shows the layout in tables, or do it in winhex, which is a pain (I'll have to work in winhex since the pm5 I'm using isn't supported). In any case, you can modify the fuel maps so that you use less gas when cruising, for example, which is my plan.

This is only the physical stuff, I haven't edited maps yet.

Before you do this, you need to buy a few things:

Soldering iron (good one) = 40-60 bucks
Some soldering/desoldering supplies = 20 bucks
Chip Burner = 60-200 bucks
Chips and sockets and crap = 10 bucks
UV eraser = 20-50 bucks

I think that's it.

Starting to open up all my holes:
Got them all done:
Gate chip, dip socket, and jumper soldered in:
Sitting in my car running great:
Complete board with chip in there:

More to come!

Man, my soldering was sloppy back then! You get the idea though, :turtle:

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