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mechman600 01-03-2014 09:55 AM

DIY EV For Sale in Greater Vancouver Area - $4400
Found this on Craigslist yesterday:
Electric Car

Looks like a hack job, but with a bit of cleaning up it might be okay. Top speed of 59 km/h for a 144 volt car? Seems like poor planning/something wrong.

Ryland 01-04-2014 10:01 AM

Why the low top speed? "All electric parts except the batteries are from China" so I suspect that his "300 amp" speed controller can't really handle that many amps like most speed controllers from China, then you add in 1,000 pounds of batteries and that speed controller is most likely the weak link in the system.

If you look at what $4,000 will buy you for an EV on Ebay right now, you will find better options.

mechman600 01-04-2014 01:30 PM

Yeah, a poorly thought out conversion, considering my 72V car will do 90 km/h+.

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