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SVOboy 11-30-2007 01:17 AM

DIY - Front Camber Kit
I know the pictures suck, but I'll fix them in some sort of time. :turtle:

Hey everybody, welcome to my DIY for front camber kit installation. If you want any better pictures or anything just lemme know and they're easy to take, I just suck with pictures.


Well, I'm planning on running around 3" of drop, which is a lot, and I have a lot of camber down there, and even though it won't really affect my tire wear too much, it irks me to look at and will affect a bit my stopping and traction and whatnot (which is sposedly already affected by the overinflated tires, so I figure I might as well get the came kit.

How much?
This one was only 30 bucks because I got it used off an DC Integra, funny how stuff fits everything and anything.

Tools and Stuff?
Camber kit:
14 mm sockets and allen wrenches
19 mm socket
At least two large socket wrenches so you can hold onto the fork bolt while you get the nut off.
17 mm sockets for that same take
Torque wrench


1. Jack up the car.
2. Take the wheel off.
3. Look at your junk. The two bolts holding the upper control arm on are what we're looking to replace with something adjustable.
4. These two outside bolts are the ones you're going to need to undo, they're both 17 mm.
5. First thing for actual work is to try on one of your new wheels and look at how pretty it is, my, it is pretty. :)
6. Now, I had to adjust my coilovers first and to do that I dropped the fork to relieve some stress on them so I could actually undo them. Here's the pain in the *** 17mm bolt you need to use two wrenches one. Luckily it came off for me very easily, it must've gotten broken in or something, :)
7. With the pressure off adjust your coilover.
8. Unbolt the upper control arm and you'll see the two little things holding it up, and they are held together by a bar. Just pop out the 14mm bolt (I used a socket and an allen wrench) and whack these two pieces out of the way. You don't need to reuse the bar that goes between them.
9. Stick in your new camber kit just the opposite of taking the old stuff out. Make sure the buldge on them faces the outside of the car. They look like "L"s so the bulge would be the horizontal part on the bottom, :p.
10. Tighten up the camber kit where you want it (or randomly if you dunno that yet).
11. Installation is reverse of previous instructions, make sure to torque everything down.

some_other_dave 12-05-2008 12:52 PM

You do know about using longer bolts and some washers between the mounting of the upper arm of the rear suspension and the chassis, right? That's an even easier DIY on our cars.


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