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Nevyn 06-30-2011 09:46 PM

Do you need batteries? Some available to me/you/us
I wanted to make sure this got visibility, so I'm cross-posting it here as well as in the Classifieds. Mods, if I overstepped, I apologize - feel free to delete.

A local recycler has a load of batteries that due to "business politics" were discarded NEW.

They're not great for EVs; because of their size. They're 130 pounds EACH. 12 volts, 170 amp-hours.

If you'd like some for a solar PV storage or a project or to play with in an EV, I'm going to be picking up some.

I'm in northeast PA (so are the batteries). Zip code is 18603. I can store them for a week (or three) if you need time to come pick them up; I could meet partway as long as you only need a couple (due to weight capacity on vehicles).

They're $100 each. PM me if you're interested.

NorthStar NSB170FT (not sure if they're 'blue' or 'silver').

thatguitarguy 06-30-2011 11:45 PM

I wish!
That's a long way from CO.

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