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SewbDude 11-07-2011 05:06 PM

Dodge Caliber Help
Good afternoon fellow Hypermilers.

I recently had to retire my Subaru, which put the Sewb in SewbDude. Unfortunately, I did not find a Subaru in my price and mileage range. Instead, I bought a 2007 Dodge Caliber mostly because I got if for a good deal. Anyways, my Subaru was a 2.2L 4 cylinder, 5spd. I averaged 31.8ish mpg. I heavily used neutral coasting, minimizing Throttle Position Sensor position (usually at 12 or 13), never used cruise control, and held speed at 63 to 66 mph. Now that I have a Caliber, I'm getting use to an automatic again. My TPS position is much higher in the Caliber to remain 63 to 66 mph. Any suggestions on how to hypermile with the automatic? It coasting in neutral too dangerous now?

taco 11-21-2011 12:06 AM

u r caliber have the cvt?

with those just aim for an rpm and hold.
i got 27-32 mpg out of one as a rental. not sure witch motor.

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