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bennelson 07-22-2011 08:20 PM

DVD Discount
Hey Guys,

I am going to be at the Green Drive Expo this weekend, showing off my Electro-Metro and electric motorcycle.

I'll also be selling my BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC CAR DVDs in person. I KNOW there's going to be one person with no cash on him, but will have a smart phone and a PayPal account, so I set up a page on my blog for site sales this weekend.

I usually sell at a show discount - $20, instead of the usual $29.99 because I don't have to pay any shipping and handling, etc.

Since I already went though the trouble of making a fancy DISCOUNTED PAYPAL Buy Now button, I thought I would share the secret link with you guys!

If you were considering ordering the video, you can get $10 off for the next couple days at:
DVD Special! $20!

Hope this isn't too spammy. I'm a real guy trying to teach and encourage, and everyone deserves a discount every once in a while! :cool:

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