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botsapper 05-12-2010 11:37 AM's favorite reviewed and loved
As a Jalop reader as well, the site has given an honest tribute to one of his all-time favorite ride. One of their contributors, Ben Wojdyla, a true car guy, who reviews million-dollar cars & drives rarified exotic metal, honestly relates real life driving with one the best 'beater' cars of all time, and one that is also 'loved' as well.
Read a Jalop contributor's loved for his daily driver. Fun review and interesting reader comments. EM Metro-luvrs should write a comment.

The Geo Metro Is One Of The Greatest Cars Ever Built - geo metro - Jalopnik

bgd73 05-12-2010 03:25 PM

I do not know what inspires jalopnik, they made me angry so many times I cannot even comment anymore.
I am glad they accepted this writers point of view on the metro. It is one in at least 500 articles jalopnik does anything real....

and then again, I refuse the metro for my location cannot deal with it.
To praise for more facts than a metro would be over jalopniks head anyway.

Nice to see they try once and awhile with someones reality.. its a shallow midgeted one, but at least they tried.
Jalopnik treats my maine outcome with automobiles like a third world I too strong and manly? why yes, that is the end resolve...
this same third world is gonna crush theirs.. yes I declared it an ethnic war.

botsapper 05-12-2010 04:33 PM

Wa hap?
What did Jalop to to ya?
They are a bunch of irreverent, sophomoric & frank wheeled enthusiasts for all stripes. They could be hoons, technical geeks, autophiles (in the car way) & social commentators that could be anywhere in the widest spectrum.
They are not the enemy,...they could be YOU too!

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