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SVOboy 02-24-2009 07:30 PM

EcoModder is now on Twitter!
Hi all. I don’t know how many of you are Twittering these days, but EcoModder has finally decided to jump in the ring and see what it’s all about. I’m no expert on Twitter, but I’ll be using it to share links and interesting news, and hopefully I’ll get some back from you! Feel free [...] Related posts:
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DanDan 06-01-2015 01:23 PM

Not a great fan of Twitter...

BabyDiesel 06-06-2015 11:06 PM

Understandable gentlemen! However, there are many members that use Twitter and other forms of social media to communicate and find information. There are millions that could find out about Ecomodder through these sites!

Not using Twitter and such would be along the same lines of logic as swapping a carburetor onto an FI vehicle for better fuel economy.

The Other Andy 06-07-2015 11:52 AM

Followed. Unfortunately it looks as if it's not active.:(

Eddie25 06-09-2015 05:04 AM

im following but it also looks bit dead. twitter is the easiest fastest way to post pics and feedback. I think this forum should have thread dedicated to twitter saying something like ecotweets or something. and just repost tweets in here. with twitter you can post results on the fly instead of having to set up a thread and linking pics and all that stuff

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