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darcane 07-29-2014 02:18 PM

Ecomodder's Favorite Building Material Also Used by OEMs
So, I recently took a vacation and our rental car was a 2014 Nissan Altima CVT. I had a hard time finding anything to like about this car, poor acceleration, horrid transmission, suspension was stiff on sharp bumps and soft on mild bumps, too much body roll, twitchy brakes, and no steering feel at all. The only thing I found that I did like was it's HID headlights.

I did find one interesting surprise though as I was cleaning sand out of the trunk in hopes of getting my damage deposit back. The floor of the trunk was made out of....

Yes, the exact same stuff I've used for a belly pan. If you look at the edge of the raised floor in this picture, you can see the corrugations. There is carpeting glued to the top and a mat below it, and one line on either side melted partially through to allow it to bend. But it's just a sheet of coroplast in the middle.

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