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TDFbound 12-24-2018 12:46 AM

EG Hatchback Weatherstripping and Trim Molding Replacement Needed?
Hello, back again with another random question. Ok, so I went through an automated car wash and it ripped off my antenna and the air dry at the end damaged some seals around the windshield (not worth $5 in my opinion but to each their own). So, now to post a few pics of that plus a few other weird molding abnormalities. Let me know if you think any of these are actual problems that require new parts to fix or if I am just being overly critical of this 27 year old car. I'm really wanting to just replace every bit of exterior rubber and molding, but that's looking like a cool $600-700 for new-in-box parts. New door window run channels have arrived and should be installed this week, so I can take the strip of painter's tape off the passenger window without letting all the rain into the car.
This piece is bowed out from the car- looks like some sort of adhesive tape under it?!
Finger to reference how far out the part is bowed
Driver's top corner
Driver's bottom corner
Driver's windshield edge (and Astro van)
Passenger's windshield edge 1 of 2
Passenger's windshield edge 2 of 2

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