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drewb 07-10-2011 03:48 PM

EOC/Flat Towing on Automatic Transmission
I would love to increase my FE by EOC, but I wouldn't do that to save a little money when it might require a transmission rebuild due to damage. So, I wanted to find out if it would be safe to EOC my auto. I learned that:

1) Manual transmissions can EOC and be flat towed
2) Most (but not all) automatic transmissions should not be EOC/flat towed without the installation of an electric oil pump.

Hopefully I am right on here for automatic transmissions. If I am not, please correct me. When running, the engine pumps the automatic transmission oil and keeps it lubricated. When off, the engine does not pump automatic transmission oil and parts of the transmission will not be lubricated. In the case of flat towing an automatic transmission (and possibly EOC, although I haven't read this anywhere), the car must have an electric oil pump to keep the transmission properly lubricated.

So, for me with my automatic transmission:
Engine off coasting ($2,300 transmission rebuild) < Engine ON coasting (reduction in FE)

I am very curious to hear others thoughts on this.

If you are currently trying to figure this out in your situation, I have read that many owners manuals specify if the vehicle can be flat towed. Further, if it can be flat towed, then you can EOC.

Dinghy Guide and Dinghy Towing < A list of vehicles that can be flat towed.

pletby 07-10-2011 09:40 PM

I have a slushbox tranny in my 97 Ford Contour. I've been EOCing for about 2 years now with no ill effects. I only use it to glide to a stop as I cannot put the car back in gear unless at a jogging speed and below without a loud shift and a lurch that I'm sure isn't good for the tranny. If I follow that rule it's smooth as silk.

drewb 07-10-2011 09:58 PM

I'm glad to hear that actually. I might consider EOC once in a while. How many miles are on your contour's car/transmission? My sable has 180k.

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