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Daox 11-19-2018 10:38 AM

EU tire label listing?
I know in Europe they have this super handy tire label that helps you select new tires based off fuel economy, wet handling, and tire noise.

I have been looking for, but have not been able to find a list of tires that have gone through that testing. I'm hoping to cross reference US available tires with that list and find something good for my Mirage.

Do any of you EU members know where I can access a full list to cross reference? Preferably in English.

oil pan 4 11-19-2018 10:58 AM

Well I would have to say the ecopia tires are one of the lowest rolling resistance tires around and one of the longer lasting too.
Only disadvantage is the price.

I would have to say one of the best for price, quality, low rolling resistance and longevity is the Yokohama avid ascend.
I have had them on 4 different vehicles, a Toyota mini van, Hyundai sonata, new bug and now the leaf.

But I think I prefer the ecopia tires on the leaf only because I can get a little more range out of them. That is literally the only thing I like about them.
The number one thing I don't like about the ecopia is the price, the ride isn't that great, comparing traction between the ecopia and yokos isn't even fair, they appear to both last about the same amount of miles.

You will probably pay around $100 more for a set of ecopia tires over those Yokohama ascend tires.

Daox 11-19-2018 11:34 AM

I wish I had any of those tires available in the size I'm looking at, haha.

The stock tire size is 165/65R14, same as the 1st gen Insight. This opens up the door for the amazing Potenza RE92 tire. However, they're a little pricey, and I'm always up for trying something new. The car's OE tire is the Dunlop Enasave. However, those are far more pricey than the RE92s. There is a more reasonable Vredestein Quatrac 5 tire available for a little less than the RE92s, but not much less. These are rated as a "C" for fuel economy on the EU label. I have been unable to find the EU label for the Enasaves or RE92s sadly.

I am currently running 14" alloy wheels with old 185/60R14 Fuzion HRI tires on it. I plan on finding a better tire for fuel economy though and swapping back the the stock steelies. In 185/60R14 there are a couple of options for fuel efficient tires. There is the Firestone Fuel Fighter, but again this is priced nearly the same as the RE92s. However, there is the Hankook Kinergy ST H735 tires that are about $20 less per tire that I am quite interested in.

But, there are a lot of not-well-known brands out there. If I can find EU labels for them, I'd be willing to give them a try.

rmay635703 11-19-2018 11:33 PM

I have always hoped for the same list but have been told the Euro version can be very different than the same us version tread

Next, it might be too late but why not partake in the annual re92 sale

Lemmy 11-20-2018 03:01 AM

I dont know about a list, but on you can at least search by tyre size.

It's a great idea, but I remain to be totally convinvinced at the accuracy of the data, and my own experiences have differed at times to the published data. Tyre size X night be great when it was tested, but when in service on a Ford Boredom 2.0 turbo it might be run at the car manufacturers recommended pressure which is 3psi more (or less), whereupon it'll behave differently.

Daox 11-20-2018 10:24 AM


Originally Posted by rmay635703 (Post 584211)
Next, it might be too late but why not partake in the annual re92 sale

Just checked it out. Says the RE92s aren't available in my area. :( That is a pretty killer price though.

me and my metro 11-20-2018 10:45 AM

Tirerack has free shipping now. $95 each for the RE92. Costco can order the tire you want but it may take some time for shipping.

euromodder 11-26-2018 12:19 PM


Originally Posted by Daox (Post 584147)
The stock tire size is 165/65R14, same as the 1st gen Insight.

In that's size, there's only 1 B rated tire for RR on the market here
(with XL load carrying - which tends to help RR - without it, it's C-rated ...)
The others are C-rated

That Maxxis tyre is one up from the bottom on testing in 175/65/14 though ...

At least in Europe, we have more choice in 175/65/14
B-rating is as good as it gets there

From a TCO pov, there's no way you'll ever recover the price difference between these thru reduced fuel costs - not even here in Europe with higher fuel costs & lower "tiny" tyres prices.


But, there are a lot of not-well-known brands out there.
Unknown with good reason, often ...

They're usually the ones that describe as unfit.

175/65/14 test by ADAC
Look for column Kraftstoff Verbrauch (fuel use)
Lower numbers are better

Nass = wet
Trocken = dry
Verschleiss = wear
Geräusch = noise

Ecky 11-27-2018 03:36 PM

I scored my RE92s for around $45 per tire shipped during summer of this year. The folks over at InsightCentral keep a sharp eye out for deals on these tires.

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