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aerostealth 12-07-2016 09:40 PM

EV only stats for Ford C Max Energi and Frontal Area
Height 72 inches x width 60.5 inches = 30.25 sq ft.
Minus ground clearance area, minus tires
= 30.25 - 1.66 = 28.59 sq ft.
Cd = .30 x area 28.59 = Cd A = 8.577

I seen one report of a 27.6 sq ft frontal area for the C Max Energi which makes sense because to car gets narrower towards the roof. that would give it a Cd A of 8.28

My trip one is showing 92.5 EV miles on 19 KWH which = 4.468 miles per KWH which equals 223.8 watt hrs per mile.

19 KWH including charging loses 19/.88 = 21.59 KWH
92.5 miles/21.59 = 4.284 miles per KWH, 1,000/4.284 = 233 watt hrs per mile.

Keep in mind there is no specified speed here. I have yet to reset the trip and do a energy speed test. I would be interested in 75 mph, 65 mph, 55 mph, 45 mph, 40 mph, and 35 mph.

The test above includes lots of city driving in stop and go traffic, with regenerative braking. Some hwy driving.

aerostealth 12-09-2016 01:06 PM

I ran the EV only power out last night on purpose and plugged the Energi in to recharge overnight using a kilowatt-hour meter. It took 7.76 KWH's to charge then it went up to 8.59 KWH's or plus .85 KWH's more to preheat the cabin to 75 F. Doesn't look like my charging loses are very much. I do not know the actual battery capacity I am trying to charge to really. Ford states it is a 7.6 KWH battery pack.

aerostealth 12-10-2016 11:06 AM

From Ford again most recent published figures on the C Max Energi is 95 MPGe City and 81 MPGe Hwy. This translates into 345 watt hours per mile and 404 watt hours per mile respectively. Just from owning the car for 10 days and doing local driving meaning up to 20 mile trips to the city, 10 miles in the city, then 20 miles home or 10 mile round trips to the post office I can see using the electric drive in the city is the best return on efficiency. At one point I hit 70 mpg charging and using this cycle.

Long story short, after 7 days of driving we have only used 3.5 gallons of fuel. The EV only mode capability of the C Max Energi is a winning combination. I think I have a real winner here even if the colder winter temperatures are reducing fuel economy. I am going to top off the batteries on the 15th in preparation for a quick trip to Oklahoma, Texas, thence home. The car technically is not even broke in yet. It will be by the time I return from my trip.

aerostealth 12-11-2016 07:51 PM

Ford C Max Energi battery
Finally found out some information on Energi power battery. The battery is split between hybrid and EV only. Of the 7.6 KWH's of battery capacity available 6.5 KWH's is for EV mode only and 1.1 KWH'S is set aside for hybrid driving. They said it took 8 KWH's to charge the battery but I have seen only 7.76 KWH's to charge but I can assume from this that the hybrid portion of the battery was not discharged.

I still don't have a frontal area but my working figure for now is 27.6 sq ft.

Daox 12-12-2016 09:48 AM

Great info! Thanks for the updates.

aerostealth 04-19-2017 01:28 PM

This is my data sheet for a 1,000 mile plus run between refueling for our Ford C Max Energi which has a 20 mile range on electric drive only. In it I compare the ICE and the EV efficiencies, then at the end I report on the system using 1/3 ICE and 2/3rds EV.

1,011.6 miles 671.4 EV mi 66.37% 340.2 ICE mi
104.7 mpg 162 kWh 199.26 kWh 6.079 gals-e
(97.62 mpg actual gasoline 10.362 gals/April 11th, 2017)
10.362 gals + 6.079 gals e = 16.411 total system gallons
EV 671.4 ev / 6.079 gals ev = 110.445 mpg ev
ICE 340.2 ice / 10.362 gals = 32.831 mpg ice
PHEV 1011.6/16.441 gals e = 61.53 system mpg e
1,000/1011.6 = .988533 MBTU’s
1,000/663.7=1.5067 x 6.008=9.052 g-e = 1.01236 MBTU
1,000/336.3=2.973 x 10.243=30.452 gal= 3.40562MBTU
EV 9.052 gal x 32,777/miles = 297 watt hrs. Per mile
ICE 30.452 gal x 32,777/miles= 998 watt hrs. Per mile
EV cost $15.94 per mile $.023 per 0.1K mi $2.37 per 1K mi $23.74
ICE cost $22.79 per mile $.067 per .1K mi $6.69 per 1K mi $66.99
Cost / MBTU / kWh’s normalized per 1 K mi 1/3rd ICE and 2/3rds EV
EV $15.86 .6749 MBTU 198 kWh’s [totals $38.19, 1.8101 MBTU]
ICE $22.33 1.1352 MBTU 332.6 kWh’s [total 530 kWh’s per 1 K mi]
16.1698 system gallons e, 61.53 mpg e composite average.

NeilBlanchard 04-19-2017 01:34 PM

Tires count for frontal area, by the way.

ECO-AKJ 04-19-2017 02:26 PM

Great info, I plan on buying my wife a C-max Energi next year, gotta pay down some debt first!!!

aerostealth 04-19-2017 02:48 PM

Cool beans Ford Man. As you can see bottom line in our driving cycle using 240 Volt charging we can average 61 mpge. Our electrical cost are less then most because of our Grid Tie PV array. The car out performs the regular hybrid variant. For those not ready to go full EV because of range issues we think a PHEV is a great option.

ECO-AKJ 04-19-2017 06:58 PM

Sadly I will be buying used so I hope to get at least the 110V version of the charger for now, I do have access to 220V but I don't even know where to begin with the charger availability and pricing, hence why I am starting my research a year and a half in advance!

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