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aerostealth 08-31-2018 03:08 PM

EV's and the Urban Heat Island Effect
Electric Vehicles and the Urban Heat Island Effect

This a new blog I posted at EV World ( today. While it is a little bit whimsical I was seriously trying to work out the internal combustion engine contribution to the Urban Heat Island Effect. Boiling the water out of a swimming pool is just intended to be a good visual.

oil pan 4 08-31-2018 10:10 PM

Actually 100% the fuel burned by an internal combustion engine eventually ends up as heat some where, same goes for electric vehicles.

aerostealth 09-01-2018 01:50 AM

For the purposes of our discussion it is as I outlined it.It won't do to have the vehicle leave the city and eventually emit it's heat somewhere else. In order to outline the relative efficiencies of EV's as compared to ICE vehicles my scenario tells a useful story even if it isn't entirely correct. We can call it a pleasant useful fiction.

aerostealth 09-01-2018 03:15 AM

all energy considered
If all the energy is accounted for then I have reached my goal. There is enough energy released as heat from the ICE vehicles to completely vaporize the water in our swimming pool. The EV's would only emit 20% as much.

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