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TDFbound 12-19-2018 12:11 AM

Exterior Windshield Molding and Seal Replacement
My new-to-me 1992 Honda Civic VX has multiple cracks and chips in the front glass, so I am going to have it replaced soon. I can tell some of the weathe stripping or seals beneath the molding around the glass are bad, so I will be buying new ones to install while the glass is out. My main question is about the top and side moldings that clip into the body and cover these seals- they appear to be in decent condition on the surface, but I know they are quite old, at least 20 years as the previous owner did not replace them during his ownership of the car. Is there any benefit to replacing these molding pieces or are they purely cosmetic? Itís about $250 to replace every bit of rubber and molding having to do with the windshield, and thankfully my insurance pays for the glass and said they would install the new pieces for free if they were on hand at the time of the repair. Worth it for any practical sense or will this just be for my own piece of mind?

Also, I am having a fit of a time locating the door glass inner weather strip, listed as out of production and out of stock everywhere I look. Any tips on how to find these?

Frank Lee 12-19-2018 12:25 AM

Sure it isn't glued in?

Weatherstripping… junkyards?

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