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bennelson 11-17-2008 06:02 PM

Extreme Electric Motorcycle conversion for Publicity/Charity
For a while, I have been attending some informal electric vehicle "build-days".

Those have been hosted by Tom G. at his recycling business. In his line of work, he comes across a lot of great items. Plus, he's a great scrounger and attends many auctions and other sources of unusual items.

A while back, he mentioned that he had an AC motor, controller, and enough batteries to build an electric motorcycle. He was thinking a motorcycle specifically because of the size of the motor - not quite big enough for a car.

The last time I was over there, I mentioned to the guys the idea of building the AC Cycle, and videotaping the build, and making an internet film of it. Something like Orange County Choppers - Electric Edition. Get everything lined up and build an extreme electric motorcycle in 48 hours.

Somebody else suggested spending more time on it, but documenting it, and making more of a "how-To" video. Similar to what I am doing with Tom's Neon EV conversion.

Another person suggested building the cycle, auctioning it, and giving the proceeds to charity. That might help us get some donations, sponsorships, or publicity.

I have already built an electric motorcycle, and am currently advising another guy who is doing one. Another of our EV members is a big rider and has a nephew who runs a cycle shop.

Whatever we do, I want to help promote EV's as both cool AND practical transportation. If I can figure out a way to maybe sell a video about it, or drive traffic to a web page and get a little ad revenue from it, that would be great.

What do YOU think we should do?

Keep in mind, I don't think anything would happen on this project until at least spring, but it's on my mind, and it's got some great potential.


captainslug 11-17-2008 10:49 PM

Spend more time + Be more informative + Auction off for charity

trebuchet03 11-17-2008 11:29 PM

I'm with captain slug... Take as much time as is needed, document well, then auction off :)

Ideally, it won't take too long - that would be a negative towards someone else building on... If it takes months, it might be discouraging...

Doofus McFancypants 11-18-2008 07:54 AM

I agree with the take time - document - auction path.

People like myself who think electric motorcycles would be ideal - but are very cautious about the actual work needed to undertake this type of conversion would be helped greatly with a solid - well documented - DVD of the build - something that outlines the whole thing well. Might give me the confidance to take the first step and plan this out.

PLUS - with an auction of the finished product - you benifit 2 causes - the EV cause and the Charity that is donated to.

I win ( with the documentation) EVers win ( with the publicity) and the Community wind ( with the charity donation) - it is a Win-Win-Win : )

braddd 11-18-2008 04:04 PM

I am a computer programmer and web designer. I would be happy to help build a website around this - and donate the services to the charity concept.

Build an EV, publish the vids on metacafe/youtube. Get some publicity in the eco/green world (easy to do, everyone will want to feature this). And then build a staff page showing who is involved and link to this forum and others, then have a page of "sponsors". Contact battery companies and Curtis etc and have them sponsor the build.

Either way, I am in let me know how I can help.

braddd 11-18-2008 04:09 PM

I forgot to mention, my wife is a Public Relations Director. She can really get this out there on the press circuit.

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