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Xist 12-23-2015 01:18 PM

Fastback Focus pickup?
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I found this buried on reddit:

The bodywork looks good, but the tailgate and inside are plywood. The tailgate says Focus.

What is this? A backup light with brown caulking? What does the writing say?

This only came up once on Tineye:

Google translate delivered far better with the first sentence than the second:

each of us saw this car hundreds of times on the streets. Malo whom, however, they manage to get to know them after this strange conversion..
I just posted it back on imgur and we will see if anyone is helpful. That is not usually what happens on imgur\reddit, though.

jamesqf 12-23-2015 02:39 PM

Interesting, but what is really needed is to extend the bed into the rear seats, and have a roll-down door to cover it.

And what's the big hatch on the side for, I wonder?

Xist 12-23-2015 02:47 PM

I think a long bed would be better--superior taper.

Is there a hatch on each side?

Easiest aerocap ever!

cRiPpLe_rOoStEr 12-23-2015 07:03 PM

Interesting to say the least, but not so attractive-looking at all.

Xist 12-23-2015 10:03 PM

Give it a Plexiglas cover and it would be significantly more Aerocivic.

Xist 12-24-2015 02:45 AM

The original poster says he saw the car in Mountain View, California.

freebeard 12-24-2015 04:09 AM

This just went up on Just a Car Guy:

Much better access to and use of space—and it's even rear-wheel drive.

ksa8907 12-24-2015 10:45 PM

I seriously considered doing this with my intrepid. Remove the rear glass, seats and trunk. Install plexiglass behind front seats, a little sheetmetal/wood and done. Would make a very cheap light duty pickup.

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