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brucey 09-16-2011 02:40 PM

Feeler: Curtis AC12 with all the extras
From my e-charger project. Slightly used, but don't use it anymore and don't have the time right now to build another with school back. I was considering re-doing it next summer in a pusher trailer, but honestly, grad school is expensive and I can always buy another e-motor when I'm done. :p

So basically, here's what I've got:

Curtis AC 12 motor, controller/inverter, the instrumentation (spyglass), the fuse, the contactor, the throttle, I'll also include all the 00 cabling, lots of extra lugs, and smaller wiring harness of course. I would also throw in my chargers (a 48v and a 24v Genius brand on board marine charger) if you don't have any already, the only thing you would need to get a working vehicle out of this is batteries. I sold mine already since I felt like they wouldn't be appropriate for the pusher trailer.

Pictures of everything are available in this thread:

All told, this about 3500+$ worth of stuff. I'll be willing to drive within a certain distance and would prefer face to face. This is a lot of stuff to ship, otherwise. But I would considerate it.

I'm sure one of you guys has the time to do something with this right now, it's a shame to let it set in my garage for a year. And like I said, I got tuition to worry about right now.

ShadeTreeMech 11-29-2013 05:09 AM

You still have this? I realize it is an old post.

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