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SVOboy 08-23-2011 10:02 PM

FEH Hybrid Battery Pack and D15Z1 for sale
Hi all,

My mom is moving and we need to get some of the stuff I've collected out of the house to reduce the hassle of moving it across country. Anyway, I have:

1.Very nice d15z1 swap. Either complete or mostly complete, ran great in the car, has a mostly new (5k miles on it) LAF $500
2. Ford Escape Hybrid (newer model) battery pack. This thing is huge, has tons of cells, and can probably be reworked for a lot of cool hybrid/ev projects. That's what I bought it, anyway. $make offer

Anyway, if you're interested it'll have to be picked up since I live in Japan and can't help out. I can get pictures from my mom to show you what things look like if need be. As I said, I haven't been home for about a year so things have probably been moved around pretty good.


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