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Vekke 03-16-2010 04:30 PM

Finnish EV projects and cars
Hi you all,

I want to give you some perspective what kind of EV`s are made in finland and also most of them at Valmet where I work:

Valmet automotive EVA consept car manufactured by my collegues:
Geneva 2010: Valmet presents their all-electric Eva concept — Autoblog Green

Think City:THINK elbil - Oppdag elbilen THINK City Already in serie production at Valmet.

Garia golf car:Home of the Garia Golf Car // Garia Already in serie production at Valmet. I have been working with this at the moment ;).

Fisker Karma:Karma by Fisker Automotive Serie production should start at the end of this year.

Metropolia university electric sports car ERA:
ERA - Electric Raceabout
I was with half an year with this project before I graduated. This car is going to participate to Xprize competition this year.

Lots of electric vehicle conversion stuff at:
Sähköautot - Nyt!: Electric Cars - Now! in English

There is some reading for some time. There are also other ev projects going, but these are the biggest at the moment and also the ones which I know...

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