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Lazarus 12-12-2007 11:20 PM

Forkenswift equivalent MPG
Hey D,
I noticed in the garage that you have an equivalent MPG for the FSwift. 62.83 MPG. I though that it would be higher. Don't know why I though that, but do you think it would be much better if you had new batteries off the shelf instead of the freebies you been using.

How did you come up with the BTU figure for gasoline to use for the conversion factor?

5:turtle: for the forkenswift.

SVOboy 12-12-2007 11:27 PM

He's making it up! It's 62.8 miles per windmill!

Lazarus 12-12-2007 11:28 PM


Originally Posted by SVOboy (Post 2116)
He's making it up! It's 62.8 miles per windmill!

Yea I guess your right now that he using Bullfrog. :thumbup:

MetroMPG 12-13-2007 02:35 PM

It is really bad efficiency for an EV.

The car itself is better than that if you only consider energy use from the pack. But I'm including all losses from charging as well. Cold weather hurts in all the usual ways, and yes, battery capacity is down a lot.

I posted some more detailed info about the effects of charging on my MPGe figures in the FS build thread:

MetroMPG 12-13-2007 02:36 PM

The good news is: the wind turbines should be more efficient in the colder, denser air. So in the grand scheme, maybe it all works out.

Silveredwings 12-13-2007 06:07 PM

Maybe you need an EBH* for the FS.

*electrical battery heater :)

But seriously, there may be a point at which such additional energy input (either during charging, discharging, or both) gives a net energy efficiency improvement.

MetroMPG 12-13-2007 11:11 PM

People with "real" north country conversions use heating pads & insulated battery boxes.

And you're right about the additional input/output being better. If I used the car regularly (ie. either always on charge or discharging while driving as many EVers do), the per km energy use would be lower.

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