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HydroJim 09-12-2011 10:07 PM

found an EV1!!!
I didn't actually find one, but I saw one on tv. I was watching american pickers on the history channel and they went to the oldsmobile museum(I forgot the actual name of the museum. I think it was olds transportation museum but don't quote me on that) to get a leather license plate appraised. When they were talking to the manager, they met right in front of a silver EV1. I almost jumped out of bed to get a better look! I'm not sure how many they didn't crush but if anyone wants to go see one, that's where it is! I think they were in michigan but I can't be sure. I know I'll be going to take a look if I can find the time.

user removed 09-12-2011 10:28 PM

They have one at the Va Tech School of Engineering.


JasonG 09-13-2011 07:09 AM

The documentary "Who killed the electric car? " shows the one in that museum.
They state it has been "permanantly disabled" :(

Arragonis 09-13-2011 07:57 AM


Originally Posted by JasonG (Post 260797)
The documentary "Who killed the electric car? " shows the one in that museum.
They state it has been "permanantly disabled" :(

There are also more than a few You-Tube vids of ones which are enabled :thumbup:

dcb 09-13-2011 09:40 AM

Do you have a link to one that is currently on the road arrag?

Arragonis 09-13-2011 09:48 AM

I don't have youtube access at work, but when we did there were quite a few videos of ones that people had got going - some claiming to be in secret. I can see the links but not the videos - one of these maybe ?


There is one on a google video search posted by one Benjamin Nelson ;)

Apologies if these are irrelevant - I have been in server management hell for a week.

cfg83 09-13-2011 03:55 PM

HydroJim -

Rats, I was gonna watch that episode! I'll try to catch the repeat.


Arragonis 09-13-2011 04:24 PM

In 1973 Citroen launched the rotary engined version of the GS - the Birotor. It had the typical reliability problems of rotary engines at the time - as well as the stupidly thirsty fuel consumption - so Citroen tried to buy every one back and scrap it. Quite a few people have held on to theirs so I suspect (given the production numbers) that quite a few EV-1s have also escaped.

dcb 09-13-2011 05:32 PM

EV1's were technically leased, so they could be repo-d. I saw speculation that If they crushed all of them they can write off all the millions/billions on r&d too :/

trooper Tdiesel 09-13-2011 06:16 PM

that could bite them, i hope they don't loose it.

i know all the stuff donated by the big auto comps have requirements, that the autos be used for testing and training only.

they did'ent sell it, or give it to the school, its donated with a requirement
that once there done with it, it must be crushed or sent to a different school
they flag the VIN number, so it can never be registered agen:(

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