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Kingofwylietx 02-06-2019 10:25 PM

Free gasoline in Oklahoma, other states too?
I learned that the state of Oklahoma requires gasoline pumps to be within 6 cubic inches of accuracy in a calibrated 5 gallon can.

Once tested, they post the results of that exact gas pump on a sticker that is placed on the pump. It will display a number ranging from -6 to 6. That corresponds to the pump error in cubic inches.

So, for some free gas, always select a pump with the highest positive number you see (it dispenses more than you will actually pay for). Never select one with a negative number (youíll pay for gas that you know you wonít get).

At one of the gas stations, I had the choice of a pump with a -3...and the next pump over had a 5. I opted for the 5.

So, while this isnít about modding your vehicle, it is about modifying your behavior to pay attention to the stickers. Some pumps didnít have stickers, so i would just avoid those if possible.

I hope that helps the folks on this forum that live in Oklahoma. Maybe other states do something similar. Texas doesnít...unfortunately.

redneck 02-07-2019 06:22 AM


Very interesting.

So the volume can vary as much as 2.59% plus or minus.

And as you pointed out, that could add up to being a pretty significant difference between pumps.

I think South Carolina just issues a sticker with the date it was certified. But, Iím going to look into it some more.

Good find... :thumbup:


litesong 02-07-2019 03:37 PM

Here's a 2012 article, stating that Massachusetts, Virginia & Washington D.C has pump accuracy programs:
My Washington state has a weights & measures program, but someone stated that one pump they had used (& figured it to be measuring in the dispensor's favor), had NOT been inspected for 8 years. So the program in WS is in effect, null & void.

roosterk0031 02-07-2019 05:00 PM

Found a pump a few years ago providing extra, pump had 4 fuels, but only E15 supplied extra. First few time I assumed I wrote down the trip OD wrong because I was getting an extra 100 miles each tank compared to the pump gallons filled. I've deleted most of the fills from the XFE fuel log but the ones left stand out.

I keep trying different pumps but haven't found one off enough like that one to be outside my normal variation.

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