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Ryland 09-29-2010 10:15 AM

FS: 1975 Citi-Car, all electric two seater, in western WI.
I'm selling my 1975 Citi-Car, a factory built all electric car, they were made in Florida by a small company called Seabring Vangard for a number of years, advertised range and speed were 40 miles at 40mph, 30 miles an 35mph is more realistic, but people do bump up the voltage on these cars for higher top speeds or add batteries for higher range.
Basic design is an all aluminum tube frame, seating for two with a small cargo area behind the seats, 8 6 volt golf cart batteries live under the bench seat with the drive motor mounted on the rear axle, drive motor is a GE series wound motor similar to what a golf cart would have.
Body that came stock was made out of ABS plastic, the body on this one had enough cracks in it that I chose to replace it with ply wood, fiber glass and boat building epoxy, I'm about half way done so it will need to be finished, the body is simple enough that what is left could be done in a weekend.
I've gone thru the entire electrical system and the drive system works as it should, forward and reverse is changed via a toggle switch on the dash, all of the wiring for lights is intact and was working altho when I put it away it was blowing a fuse when I turned the turn signals on, it should be a simple fix I've just ran out of time to have this as a project.
The car comes with a good clear title, I've bought LEDs to replace all of the marker lights and turn signals, the head lights are in chrome hot rod style head light buckets, it has a brand new windshild installed made out of safety glass, it comes with all the body parts that I've made and the epoxy, roll of fiber glass seaming tape and the stock body parts that came off the car if you want them, it also comes with a full set of used golf cart batteries, they are not perfect but they work well enough to give you maybe 15 miles of range they are also worth $20 each as a core charge for new batteries.
It still has the on board charger, everything works.
Asking $1,000 for it fits on my small trailer and tows behind my parents ford ranger pickup truck without issue.

Ryland 09-29-2010 03:04 PM

I realize it does not look like much I'm sure a number of people will say "I could build that for less!" but it has a clear title in my name and drives and I'm not really asking for more then I have invested in buy it and buying parts.

stevewbirk 10-10-2010 10:31 PM

interested in car
is lt still for sale. is it driveable on all roads or just limiited to low speed? I live in shebooygan. steveb

Ryland 10-11-2010 10:07 AM

Yep, it's still available and it has a clear title titling it as a regular car so it's good on all roads! this is not a NEV or LSV, when I first bought it there was an oddity with the title and getting it in my name because it was a small factory that built it and the title had last been transfered in the early 80's so the person at the DMV changed some heading on the title so that any future title transfers would go smoothly and so if the police run the plates it shows up as being a legit vehicle.

stevewbirk 10-12-2010 11:46 AM

would like to come and see it. I am retired. ok tomorrow, later fri, sat or sunday? steveb

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