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stewie 08-24-2017 09:18 PM

FS: 92 Civic VX Milano Red w AC, 218k, Stock, Federal, Extras in Illinois
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1992 Honda Civic VX. Stock D15Z1 VTEC-E engine & Federal ECU.OEM ice A/C working

1992 Honda Civic VX. 218k. Stock D15Z1 VTEC-E engine. Federal 48 state ECU. Clear title. Replaced and newer OEM (2 yr old) oxygen sensor (5 wire). Milano Red color. Manual 5 speed.

Everything is stock. Has ice cold working OEM A/C. A/C was option and most VXs are Not equipped with it. New Low Rolling Resistance Michelin Defenders tires. Stock OEM lightweight alloy wheels. Last picture is of Milano Red from factory picture.

No accidents. Clear title. No undercarriage rust. Only light rust spot on left and right over rear wheel seen in pictures.

Replaced parts throught my ownership:

Replaced Timeing belt and water pump at 181,000. Currently odo 218,900.
New 4 tires, Michelin Defenders Low Rolling Resistance.
Replaced Everlast Battery from Walmart. 2015 production. 5 yrs replacement warranty from Walmart.
Newer 2 yrs old Federal OEM Oxygen Sensor (5 wires) for VX model only.
Newer 2 yrs old distibutor & wires
Newer 2 yrs old spark plugs OEM NGK
Newer 2 yrs old fuel filter
Newer 2 yrs old radiator
New hood latch mechanism and new line going to interior unlock switch (seen in pic)
New 2 horns replaced with louder (120db) for safety, better tone sounding onces also. Nothing fancy, just modern louder, modern sounding horns. Not annoying high pitch vintage honda sound.

Added OEM right side mirror for safety
Added OEM grey arm rest for arm gear shift comfort
Added OEM grey trunk cover in rear hatch for privacy & noise suppression.
Added Heavy Rubber floor mats for carpet weather protection & noise suppression

Clear title. No accidents. Have carfax to share. Title in hand.
Reason for sale. I currently have 3 cars, am single and i live in condo complex. Don't need 3 cars and pay plate reg and city stickers fees yearly.

More information about VX tests of fuel economy here. Most of you knows this.

VX Mpg performance test:
50 MPG, Spokane to Portland, 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback Car And Truck Reviews Reviews JESDA.COM | Cars, travel, and the auto industry.

VX Engine information on VTEC-E:

Clear title. Have carfax. Title in hand.

I have listed the car on ebay if anyone is looking for VX. No reserve price.

stewie 08-30-2017 04:04 PM

Added engine bay pic and info on replaced parts thought my ownership added to main description. Original window sticker for VX with Mpg rating. Not my VX thought.

Magician 09-20-2017 08:09 PM

Tempting, but too far away. I'd drive a few hours for a car, but Chicago is a long haul from Omaha.

stewie 09-21-2017 02:26 AM

Got ya. When i got it, i drove back from New Jersey. 1000 miles i think it was.

Road trips are fun :) Those VXs are almost impossible to find in your own state,

especially ones that were not modded for racing or gutted out. lol

stewie 11-27-2017 09:52 PM

Hello guys. I have listed the car on ebay if anyone is looking for VX. No reserve price.

kuntzleon 01-22-2018 09:24 AM

try this guy, he might still interested good luck

davelobi 03-08-2018 12:56 PM

Is the vx sold or still available?

LibertyMKiii 03-19-2018 05:15 PM

Id be interested at the end of the summer if you still have it then.


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