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1carnut 08-07-2012 03:12 PM

FS 92 Civic VX Rusty high miler - SOLD
This is essentially a one owner car as I just bought it from the original owner about a month ago. I had intended to restore it but am not going to be able to. It is all original, no mods. It has high miles (414k) and probably has more than average rear quarter rust (Honda cancer). The hatch is also rusty and a couple spots on the hood. The frame rails and underside are good. The interior is also in surprisingly good condition for the mileage. I have the maintenance records and it was obviously well maintained to get that kind of miles out of it. It still has the original clutch! I thought sure it would need replaced but it gives no indication of needing replaced. Does not slip, transmission shifts correctly with no pops or grinds. Engine is fine and does not smoke or leak. The shift light still works and the car goes into lean burn mode as it should. It really is a testament to how well built and reliable these cars were. The only mechanical issue I found is the speedometer only works intermittently. The odometer however is fine and the miles are accurate. It has an aftermarket cruise control unit. It's a high mileage car with rust so don't expect anything different. I've tried to describe to the best of my ability. These cars get outstanding gas mileage. This one has averaged in the mid to upper 50's. I wouldn't hesitate to drive this car anywhere. I assume that someone looking for a swap would be interested in this car but I thought I would post here as well since it's been such a trooper and still functions as it should. I would prefer to see it keep going as a true VX. Who knows how many miles this thing may go. It is the green color with grey interior. No A/C. Perfect candidate for boat tail or more radical mods. Or make some money by parting out. Has the factory VX wheels. Please PM me with questions and or offers. I'm located in Lebanon, Ohio

tommyigo 08-11-2012 12:47 PM

How much do you want for it?"

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