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Ryland 12-01-2015 09:47 AM

FS electric vw golf conversion
I'd like to sell my 2001 electric vw golf, the car looks great and drives nice, it's a 4 door with a full back seat and rear battery box that almost fills the trunk.
9" advanced dc motor, Elcon charger set for 120v lead acid gel batteries but it can be programmed for other batteries, Curtis controller, Albright contactor.
The gel batteries are at the end of their life and give a 3 mile range at best.
Drivers side heated seat stopped working, haven't tracked down the issue.
If I keep it I would put Nissan Leaf batteries in it giving it close to the same range as a leaf, with a new lead pack it had close to 40 mile range with 1,000lbs if lead.
Asking $3,000 so I can get my electric motorcycle business off the ground.
Located 50 east of Minneapolis MN.

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