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XFi 02-10-2008 08:22 PM

FS: Set of (5) VX Rims with LRR Tires
Decided to sell my other set of VX Rims. These rims do have some scratches and curbing and were on my every day driver for a little over 4k miles. Balanced and run true with no abnormal vibrations. Four out of the five rims are straight. The fifth one has a slight bend on the rear lip, but still balanced out.

Here's the scoop...$250.00 for the set of five with tires. Local Pick-up Preferred. Selling them as a complete set is also preferred. I will wait a week and see if anyone wants them as a set.

Wheels and Tires are located in Perkasie, Pa 18944.

If the rims/tires do not sell as a set, I will break them down and seperate if need be.
This would be the break down...
Rims $40.00 each (will not split up the straight 4)
Tires $10.00 each (will not split up the set of 5)

Pics Below...

Complete Set -
Rim #1
Rim #2
Rim #3
Rim #4
Rim #5 (slightly tweaked/bent)
155/80R13 LRR Kumho 795's
Closeup of tread
Excellent tread remaining (low miles on tires)
PM me with any offers/questions. Thanks again!

XFi 02-15-2008 07:27 PM

Sale Pending

XFi 02-16-2008 03:49 PM


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