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mpgmike 01-30-2022 09:05 PM

Fuel Economy Expert???
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I usually don't like these "Introduction" type posts. I believe one needs to read the successes of others, learn from them, and positively contribute where appropriate. An introduction becomes unnecessary then.

I've been aware of for quite awhile, but hadn't joined. MPaulHolmes pushed me over the edge with his substantial contributions to the EV retrofit field. Kudos to Paul!!! Since joining, I've been spending (way too much) time reading through various threads trying to learn. This Forum is blessed with some incredibly great minds! It is my intent to learn and positively contribute when I can.

So for formality's sake, here's some of my background that brought me here:

Due to a "US FTC vs Dutchman Enterprises" case, I am recognized by the US Federal Court System as a "Fuel Economy Expert". Sure it'd be nice to fill out the appropriate form and submit it with your $50 fee to get such a title, but I had to earn it the hard way, as an expert witness.

I was part of a Progressive Automotive 100 MPGe X-Prize team, #20 Liberty Motors, 2008 Hyundai Sonata entry. Unofficially we achieved 87 MPG during one of the test trials at Michigan International Speedway. Officially we were given 44.7 MPG combined from Roush Labs. Not bad considering the window sticker offered 32 MPG Hwy.

Controversy aside, I was intimately involved with Dennis Lee's Hydro Assist Fuel Cell program as head trainer. Before that I was involved with Paul Pantone's GEET Fuel Processor. Dark Ages for me.

My current endeavor is with Ecoceptor, LLC. I am part of a well-balanced team focusing on "Green" type technologies. I don't want to delve into what we're working on now, but will share that we spent many years, and much money developing ICE technologies -- primarily in electronic controls that "enabled" hardware modifications. I will be sharing some of the cool tricks we learned from the X-Prize Sonata, and other ventures. Thanks for having me. I may have found a new "home".

Rcnesneg 04-08-2022 02:33 PM

Welcome to the forum!

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