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arborlis 07-26-2009 11:45 PM

Future Diesel Conversions
Greetings All,

I'm Anthony from Memphis, TN. I've been researching the various conversion sites. I am a diesel fanatic. I fall asleep at night thinking about engines, and how to use them. I believe there are some very serious and perilous times in the near future. I'm storing food, clothing, and making plans to live a completely self sufficient lifestyle.

I recently acquired 2 Kubota V1902 engines that were retired from Carrier reefer units that were dismantled when scrap was so high. I removed and cleaned the injectors, and purged the cylinders. The engine runs good. I believe the other unit will run with a little tinkering. I also have a 3 cylinder Mitsubishi, a 40 year old Lister air cooled twin, an older Mitsubishi 6dr5 power unit with only 3 hours. Dodge Cummins dually, International with a Cummins 10 liter diesel, and a Ford dump with a 8.2 Detroit diesel. I'm working on a deal for 2 thermo king Isuzu engines.

I found a supply of new freight damaged Yanmar 16 valve turbo 4 cylinder, and a mix of 3 cylinder diesels. This fellow also has test and used runners, cores, and parts engines. In order to get the discount on the new engines, 8 units must be purchased. They run $1800-$2200. Retail over $5k

My plans are to convert small trucks and 4x4 vehicles to the simple mechanical diesel engines. I will also be building diesel ST style gensets. I'm constantly on the look out for deals on good engines. I also make biodiesel when occasion permits. I'm hoping to plant a crop of winter Rapeseed for oil extraction. The remaining high protein feed cake can be fed to livestock.

Anyhow, I look forward to learning and asking you questions when I begin my first project.

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