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Ultra-Orange 11-26-2011 05:34 PM

Gearhead convert
Greetings all!

I stumbled onto you sight while researching aero mods for a scooter, and was drawn in by the Areocivic threads.

So. from my teens till about 5 years ago I was into 60s-70s musclecars. you know the types. the ones that are always being destroyed in movies. BIG v-8 Engines with lots of chrome, torque, and exhaust fumes.

5 years ago I embarked on a new venture. a Japanese name Turbo rig. a 93 Subaru Legacy Sport Sedan to be precise.

So... August 6th in the early morning I woke up and noticed something strange. Instead of being at home and in my own bed I was in a strange bed, in a strange room with a cute brunette. Unfortunately the bed was in a hospital and the cute brunette was an orderly, and instead of waking up from a week long binge I was recovering from a stroke. An "Acute Cerebellum Stroke" To be precise.

To cut things short. I have recovered about 95%. I can walk, I can talk, I can count my fingers and toes.

But It seems the stroke rewired my brain a bit, I am suddenly inclined to build cars for economy instead of power, Do Aero mods for slipstreaming instead of stability.

To this end my current 3300lbs, AWD, 225 WHP, 18 MPG on Premium fuel rig not only wouldnt work, it was a horrible starting base.

So I purchased a 1993 Geo Metro XFi. I take delivery tomorrow and am simply hopping excited to get to work! Body and interior are "Well worn" but the mechanicals all seem good though the clutch is a bit weak.

Look forward to talking with you all and partaking of your years of experience and advice!

deathtrain 11-26-2011 07:13 PM

you will be amazed at how both worlds cross paths. I am like you I am into the big V8's and HP... but thats my other car. This car is about gas sipping. I can tell you that my times at the track on the other car has come down because of the things I have learned here...

SVOboy 11-26-2011 09:48 PM

Welcome to the site :thumbup:

I wish you good luck on the last bit of your path to recovery.

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