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SVOboy 01-08-2008 01:34 PM

GM's new hydrogen car
The Provoq...looks like they're playing catch up to Honda but it's still something. It's good to see more manufacturers seriously exploring alternate technology, however...


Automakers usually try to improve their products by adding to them. General Motors is using the Consumer Electronics Show to promote prototype vehicles that are missing things other vehicles have.
International Consumer Electronics Show

Today G.M. is introducing a zero-emission Cadillac crossover vehicle concept, called the Provoq, that runs on hydrogen fuel cells and batteries rather than gasoline. The Provoq has a 300-mile range and uses a fuel-cell stack that is half the size of those in concepts that G.M. has shown previously, yet much more efficient.

G.M. hopes to begin selling such a fuel-cell vehicle about three or four years, said the general manager of Cadillac, Jim Taylor. The first ones are likely to be luxury vehicles because of this technology, he said, noting that a vehicle such as the Provoq is currently “a long way” from being affordable even to affluent car shoppers.

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