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mujgy 12-12-2010 10:00 AM

Hello, I've read through a few post here and though I should join. I recently got a '00 Cavalier 2dr 2.2 auto. Its a commuter/beater car as I drive 90miles round trip a day to get to work. I was driving a '93 S10 with the 2.5 and was getting 24mpg before winter hit, dropped to 19-20 after that. I got 31.1 on my first fill of the Cavalier so I'm happy with that. As I just got the car I'm still getting things figured out and seeing where its at as far as maintenance. At 156k miles its in decent shape and just getting broke in ;). My OBDII scanner gave it a green light with no codes so that's a good sign.

I do all my own vehicle work when I can. I come from a background of racing cars. Had a 95 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX that I modded for power (about 380hp) that I auto-crossed and drag raced, legally of course, but now I'm looking forward to modding the Cavalier for MPG. I'm looking into an Ultragauge to get some extra data out of the car. I had DSMlink in my GSX which was nice for tuning the ECU. Is EFILive the main one for GM or are there others.

I plan on doing the simple stuff first like tuning the car up and maybe doing a WAI, couldn't hurt cause its -15F today. I'm fairly good at conservative driving, in the S10 it wasn't a choice with 100hp. I have a fairly hilly commute so using patience to get up the hill is helpful. Its mostly 65mph 2 lane highway and I try to stay around 55 or less depending on traffic. Its funny when people fly past and I arrive maybe 1-2 minutes after they do at work (I paint at the Bobcat plant in Gwinner, ND). All though I can't say too much as I used to be that way with the Eclipse.

sorry for the long post just putting some info out there.


ps this avatar had me laughing :turtle:

endurance 12-12-2010 01:56 PM

Welcome aboard. Yes, putting just about any instant mpg display in your car can make a huge difference, especially with us former hotrodders. I had a lot of nasty habits to break and now, without any major mods to the car, I'm pulling 40 mpg out of a 200hp RSX-s. Just learning how light of throttle pressure you need to maintain a constant speed can make a tremendous difference. Add to that shutting off the car anytime you're at a stoplight and can see the cross traffic pedestrian light is white and beautiful things start to happen at the gas pump.

mujgy 12-14-2010 04:09 PM

Yes it seems the right foot makes the biggest impact on mpg. That and not being tempted to idle the car alot during these wonderful chilly days of ND winter. Second refill I was down to 27.8mpg. Still better than what the S10 was able to do but I would like to stay north of 30. I did order an Ultragauge, so I'll post on how that works out.

endurance 12-14-2010 09:17 PM

Do you have a block heater or radiator hose heater? It's a moderately priced upgrade that will both help your mpg and your comfort while avoiding long warm ups. Putting it on a timer to start warming the motor 90 minutes before you leave for work in the morning can make a big difference in northern climates.

mujgy 04-30-2011 01:19 PM

Sorry for replying 4 months later, I've been busy with work. I do have a block heater and was using it regularly. I have a timer at home and at work we have plugins so it just gets plugged in when I get there, (I know wasting lots of electricty but its a drop in the bucket compared to what the factory uses)

I've been averaging 32mpg, the highest was 35mpg on one tank. Thats running E10, It does do better with straight gas however I can deal with the decrease to burn some ethanol. I've been thinking of installing a small heater core in the air box to help the engine run leaner. With the Ultraguage I can keep an eye on the temps. I'm also going to need new tires pretty soon though I don't think I'll go to LRR tires as I don't want to have two sets of tires, one summer and one winter.

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