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NickelB NL 11-11-2016 01:15 PM

For this winter i taped up the rest of the underside of the grill. But i noticed it made a realy nice improvement. In summer at 30℃ i had a tank of 1:24,7. The last weeks at 5 tot 15℃ i ran at 1:22,5/1:23. So now i taped it up. And had my second full tank (2 tank total of 2240km) came at 1:24,3 and the first was 1:24,5. I call a succes as this week the temps were 0 to 6℃. I'm happy. Pics will come

NickelB NL 11-12-2016 11:00 AM

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Here are the pics

compdrag 11-17-2016 06:39 PM

You could probably tape up the top one too.

morningglory 11-28-2016 05:35 PM

Neat job. Yeah I've read blocking the top grill is most effective. Just tried it on my car and waiting to get some results.

NickelB NL 11-29-2016 02:53 AM

I.m curious for your results.

I.m thinking of blocking half op the top too. Its getting "cold" here

Ecky 11-29-2016 07:50 AM

My grille is about 75% blocked in the summer. The weather is cooling off and I'm going to likely block it 90-100% soon.

I'm surprised at how well the tape matches, I didn't immediately recognize it was there.

Fat Charlie 11-29-2016 08:34 AM

Very clean, I like it.

NickelB NL 11-30-2016 06:20 AM

I have a buddy that does comercial and hobby logos and stug with a vinyl plotter. O will ask him too make me a nice piece for the bottom grill. It wil stay on better and last far longer. And easier to take of. Will ask him a price for it

cowmeat 11-30-2016 06:45 AM

I installed a lower grill block on both my Insights as permanent fixtures. I fabricated them out of the rear spoiler of early 90's Subaru Legacy wagons, and they match the look of the car pretty well. Now that most cars have them, the Insight looks about 10 years newer with them installed

When the two weeks of winter that we have in central Florida hit, I would drop a piece of cardboard in between the radiator and ac to get up to operating temps quicker.

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