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Berne 09-17-2016 06:36 AM

Hallo from Switzerland with a 2006 Honda Insight CVT
Hello Eccomodder-guys

After my registration 6 years ago I'm glad to be back again and remembering my original username & password.

In Febr 2008 I had fallen in love with a 2006 Honda Insight CVT Silverstone metallic which I imported from Miami to Switzerland. Registration date in Switzerland was 09/01/2008. Since then this pretty car is easily running uphill & downhill the mountainous regions here in Grisonia. The cluster shows more than 153.049 km and the lifetime fuel consumption is 3.9 l/100 km.

In Switzerland there are registered a total of approximately 4 or 5 Honda Insight Mk1 cars.

Many thanks, my congratulation and a virtual bottle of delicious red wine from the vinyards of Malans & Jenins to the founders of this Eccomodder Forum
Benjamin (SVOboy) and Darin (MetroMPG) :thumbup:

Edit: Is there anybody who knows somebody who has converted a 2000-06 Honda Insight into a convertible ? Could be a challenge ! :cool:

MobilOne 09-17-2016 11:31 AM

Welcome back.

Would the structure be sound without the top?

Berne 09-18-2016 06:03 AM

Conversion of a 2000-06 Honda Insight into a convertible ?
I do not know anything about statics because I am neither an architect nor an engineer. My intuition tells me that such a converted Insight Mk1 - if technically possible - would be too heavy to run as a "gasoline-nibbler" or to get any further attraction from hypermilers who strive for something between 2.5-3.0 L/100 km using MIMA and FAS. :rolleyes:

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