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ldjessee00 01-08-2019 08:07 PM

HD Livewire

If you have not seen, price, date, and pre-order has started for the Harley Davidson Livewire.

I have very mixed emotions about this motorcycle. It was the first EV motorcycle I ever test rode. It is a full-size EV motorcycle by a major manufacturer...

But, spec wise it does not hold up to the top of the Zero Electric models, and costs almost twice as much.

I figured HD would price it too high, but at $20-$25k US, but $30k starting price? Do they want it to fail?

I do hope it spurs other major manufacturers into releasing full-size production EV motorcycles.

I just want a simple, reliable cruiser style that can go about 200 miles with my fat butt and gear. It does not need a sub 4 second 0 to 60 time. It does need a comfortable seat and some luggage.

Anyone else have high hopes for the EV motorcycle market over the next year or two?

redpoint5 01-09-2019 03:35 AM

Sounds exactly right; HD delivering less performance for more price.

I'll probably have an EB (Electric Bike) someday, but I'm not all that thrilled about it. My bike already does 0-60 in 3 seconds, has a 200 mile range, and gets 45 MPG.

ldjessee00 01-09-2019 08:02 AM

I have a gas motorcycle, but now that I have owned an EV for over a year, the reduced maintenance, the ease of charging at home, and the expanding charging infrastructure... my next motorcycle will be an EV!

jakobnev 01-09-2019 10:17 AM

This is the prototype for the motor:

teoman 01-09-2019 11:28 PM

Livewire sounds like an electocution hasard.

redpoint5 01-10-2019 01:16 AM

LoL, I didn't think of it that way until you pointed it out. That name must have just edged out "The HD Electrocutor" and "The HD Electric Chair".

RedDevil 01-10-2019 06:26 AM

Guilty as charged ;)

JSH 01-11-2019 02:25 PM

1. I expected the LiveWire to be overpriced but I thought they would at least match the performance of the Zero SR. I was expecting 200 miles of range for $30K. 110 miles for $30K is just embarrassing. The Zero SR 7.4 + Power Tank give the same performance for $14K

2. Electric motorcycles aren't a good fit for the typical motorcycle usage in the USA. Most US rider use their bike for longer weekend rides instead of daily transportation. So I don't expect to see rapid adoption in the USA. I see a huge market for E-scooter and smaller E-bikes in the rest of the world where motorcycles are transportation.

3. I test rode a Zero SR last year and loved it. I just can't see myself buying one though.

redpoint5 01-11-2019 02:33 PM

I kinda agree about EV motorcycles not really being a good fit. If you're not commuting on it, then there's not much point because the miles aren't getting racked up, which is among the main strengths of an EV.

200 miles is a normal range for motorcycles though, and I wouldn't want to go any longer than that without a break, so perhaps it wouldn't be all that bad to stop that often for a recharge.

I'll probably own one someday when they are outperforming gassers at a lower price point.

$30k though... you could buy a Chevy Bolt or Nissan Leaf for that kind of dough. Does it qualify for a federal tax credit?

JSH 01-11-2019 04:18 PM

The EV motorcycle tax credit expired in 2017

The problem with even a 200 mile range is the limited charger network. Some friends of mine both own a Tesla Model X. Yes the can travel on major interstates and city to city but they still plan all their trips based on where they can charge. In Oregon that puts about 2/3rds of the state off limits.

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