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Kodak 07-26-2011 09:45 AM

Heat gun tips
Hi all,

I have two aero mods pending for the summer: a front air dam and fog light covers. Both will require the use of a heat gun, which I still need to buy or possibly rent. Never used one before as far as I can recall.

Does anyone have any tips for using a heat gun?

I need to mold PVC sheeting to fit the rounded edges of my air dam, and lexan to fit the slight convex of the lights.

Are any other tools required outside of thick leather gloves to avoid burns?

I plan on making a template out of cardboard or poster board for both projects. Will this be enough to match the angles with precision?

Much obliged to any advice, and I will post pics if I complete these projects.

mcrews 07-26-2011 10:45 PM

I have one. They are very usefull.
NOTE: they get VERY hot. Do not apply for long periods.

I`would use polycarbanate instaed of lexan. Less brittle, more forgiving

JRMichler 07-26-2011 10:58 PM

Lexan is polycarbonate. Polycarbonate could be Lexan, Makrolon, or other trade names.

Acrylic, such as Plexiglas, is easier to form than polycarbonate. Polycarbonate should be baked in an oven at 200 deg F for at least an hour to remove dissolved moisture. Otherwise, it may form bubbles when you try to heat form it.

Get a heat gun that has at least two heat levels. Continuously variable heat is not necessary. Heat guns are cheap. Just buy one.

Phantom 08-09-2011 04:54 PM

My only advice is to keep the heat moving do not keep it to close to the piece and do not touch the metal part.

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