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spikie 05-15-2016 03:42 PM

Hey everyone!! Greeting from Canada.. Recently stumbled upon this site and have been lurking for a few week, found great tips and ideas to increase my MPG's. I recently purchased an 05 Dodge SX2.0 5spd 2.0L after driving a 5.7 Hemi for the last 10 year in a quest to save money on fuel. I've constantly had 2 car on the go, Im a bit of a car guy and have been more after the power and economy. I build up a little 97 Hyundai accent GT swapped out to a 2.0L DOHC engine build up to give or take 180hp for a 2000lbs car. This has been my daily commuter over the summer for last few years and the 28-32MPG i was averaging kept me happy, but there is too much upkeep and downtime with a car that is so heavily modified. Thus lead me to drive my Gas guzzling Durango (mind you i could get 24.5mpg on long trips) but as daily commuter and a 170km+ round trip daily gets expensive. Also have a couple classic cars in my collection neither of which get good mileage..

I'll stop rambling and get to where im at.. my $900 neon.. great little car but not as good as i expected.. started off with 26.5mpg on my first tank (lead foot and cold weather didn't help). Being more on top of my style has helped get me to 28.5 over a few tanks, I've also installed a Cold Air Intake which saw a 1-2MPG gain over the next few tanks, switched to Synthetic oil as well and bumped the pressure in my tires to 44psi, I've got it up to 31-32.5mpg. My last tank I've started using EOC on long hills and stretches i can coast for periods without interfering with traffic, safety ect.. I've done this in the past with my Hyundai as I'm hitting close to 4,000rpm cruising in 5th @ 130-140km/hr(75-80mph) as well as coasting with clutch in. Anyways i have gotten up to 33.7MPG on my last tank which is my personal best, my girlfriend gets 34.5MPG in her car(03 Accent GSi) and am on a quest to beat her..

Next step Engine Kill Switch and front air damn/spoiler..

elhigh 05-15-2016 04:49 PM


There are other Neons here, and one of them is consistently beating 40mpg, so there's good advice specific to your car to help you out.

Some folks have said it here, hotrodders and ecomodders use the same knowledge to achieve different ends, so what you know about going fast will help you out in going far.

Daox 05-16-2016 10:01 AM

Welcome to the site.

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