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SlayTank 09-04-2016 02:15 AM

Hello! about to buy a CRX HF
Hello all! I've been looking at a 87 CRX HF and I'm about to close the deal tomorrow. Im sure i'll be here a lot in the next couple days. I live in southern Arizona USA. I got a 4x4 96 4runner and a 85 Toyota 4x4 they both get 18mpg and I need something better then that. Ive been working on cars since high school and even got basic ASE Certified in engine performance, steering and suspension, electrical and brakes in high school. I have a degree in welding with fabricating experience also have a machining degree and I'm taking a manual trans and diff class this semester. I've done things from swapping engines in my 4runner (last owner ran it out of oil) to changing diffs in my truck (i got bigger tires so regear and also it blew the ring gear after 384K miles) to rebuilding carbs, changing intakes on my yotas and v8 cars from the 60's(Dad has a 69 camaro I learned to drive in my parents 64 impala) I've built off road bumper for my truck and a little air scoop for "Ram Air". Have totally gone through my dirt bike (a XR650R then rode it 5000 miles from AZ to NC and back) Im a fan of cars/motorcycles from most paths, Off-road/drag racing/road corse/ now MPG cars. Anyway sorry for my droning I really like this little crx and the car cult it hails from. I saw the 118 CRX HF article a couple days ago. Thats awesome, so I'm excited to be here. The CRX has a few issues ill have to fix but I'm sure ill find some good info here or ill start asking thanks guys! looking forward to tomorrow.

MobilOne 09-05-2016 02:36 AM

Welcome to thr forum!
The 86-87 CRX HF's are a favorite of mine. Never owned one, but have always loved them. If I remember correctly, this car has a carburetor and is not fuel injected. Do I remember correctly?

SlayTank 09-05-2016 03:56 AM

Yep its carbed! Drove it home today and it had high idle 2000RPM! I took it apart and started looking around the 100 vacuum lines running everywhere! I counldnt find a vacuum hose diagram on the net... then I saw one on the under side of the hood covered in paint... I felt like Indiana jones uncovering a sacred text as i was scraping the paint off the sticker ever so gently not wanting to damage the precious image. Lol well got the paint off found the issue of a vacuum leak (of corse). got some new vacuum tube on and turned down the idle and I think we are good to go now. :thumb up: but I'm not crossing my fingers on it. Its got a exhaust leak (the muffler has been chewed up a bit) A couple chewed wires from a rat. The driver side mirror missing some bolts and one of the mounting holes is broken up. trip odometer not working. horn not working. Alinement is real jacked up on driver side (inside of tire is bad bald) BUT! beyond that it looks pretty ok compared to 95% of older CRX's out there that were thrown to uncaring/ruthless high school kids to be torn apart and abused beyond belief.

Gasoline Fumes 09-05-2016 04:06 AM

Yes, carbureted. The only 1st gen CRX sold in North America with EFI was the 85-87 Si.

California98Civic 09-05-2016 03:29 PM

Welcome to the forum! Impressive credentials. If you'd like, I have the 1988-1990 Crx factory service manual and a 1990 supplement. The files are probably 25 megabites. If you PM me an email address, I will try to send you both files as ZIP files. It is easier than paint scraping to get at burried decals!

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