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VUEinATL 05-23-2014 10:31 PM

hello from Atlanta
Just registered after reading the forum for a few months. Thanks to all for some good ideas.

I have a 2002 Saturn VUE 4cyl 5-speed. Been averaging 25.5 or so per tank during city driving in Atlanta, where no roads are flat. Got 26.5 after stripping off 85 lbs of accessories, now itching to do more!

Funny thing is that I had major buyers remorse when I bought the car (used), as I realized late that much of the interior is cheap, weak plastic and lousy upholstery. Now, I finally appreciate it for what it is: good, cheap, basic transportation that can haul a bunch of stuff and still get decent mileage.


user removed 05-23-2014 10:41 PM

26 in Atlanta city traffic is like 35 everywhere else.

Welcome aboard.

MetroMPG 05-24-2014 02:26 PM

Welcome, Atlanta!

That 5-speed gives you lots of options for beating the ratings.

Feel free to make a garage entry and start tracking it, if you aren't already.

mcrews 05-24-2014 05:21 PM

Glass half full....good approach!
pump up the tires to 40+ psi

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