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Laurentiu 01-08-2010 08:00 PM

Hello from Cyprus
Hi, I'm Lawrence,:D
I live in Limassol, Cyprus and I drive a "little-old lady" Opel Corsa. She was very affordable and in the 6 months since I own it hasn't caused me any troubles at all...only changed oil+oil filter, air filter and freshened her up a bit (the last owner didn't take too good care of her:( )

I like this little car because despite it's low BHP it manages very well in city-driving which is how I use it most. 90% of my driving is city driving.
The car has done about 80.000km (50.000miles) , the last 6000 being done by me on my daily commute to work (about 6 miles one way).

I'm pretty impressed with it's fuel consumption especially for a car that's almost 15 years old. I'm trying best to keep the mileage up and so far, calculated on the best method I have available (tank to tank statistics) I have an average of about 6.1l/100km or 38.6 MPG.

Great to find this forum and I hope to own a car in the future that will be able to obtain much better mileage (I'm hoping to get a Smart Diesel:turtle:).

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