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cycleguy 08-18-2010 02:17 AM

Hello ecomodders
Hello everybody. I am new to the forum and ecomodding. I have a 1994 3cyl geo metro that I gutted then installed a rebuilt motor, an underdrive pulley, msd coil and performance plugs n wires in. I also put in a tach and just started to install an mpguino (should have it set up this week). I haven't put too many miles on it yet, but I got 55mpg then 60mpg for my last two fill ups. I am shooting for 75mpg. Anyway ... Let me know if anybody has any questions.

gasstingy 08-19-2010 01:39 PM

Quite a few Metro's on this site, so you should be right at home. I believe I'd like some of that 55 and 60 mpg action, my best has been just shy of 43. Of course, it's not a 3 cyl Metro, but I can always dream.

MetroMPG 08-23-2010 02:41 PM

Welcome to the site, cycleguy. 3-cyl cars are becoming more and more uncommon by the day here in North America. Nice to see another one rescued!

What kind of driving were you doing to get those numbers? (55/60)

75 MPG (us) is achievable on the highway if you're willing to do extensive aero mods and drive relatively slowly.

cycleguy 08-23-2010 03:37 PM

I was driving pretty conservatively to get those MPG numbers. I have a 50 mile one way commute that is mostly on the highway (I-5, 205 & 580). I usually drive in the middle or right lane going about 65mph or so with minimal drafting and clutch-in on downhills. My last tank, however, was only 50 MPG which made sense as I was driving about as fast as I could in that car for 200 miles.

I do plan to do some aero mods as well as remove some more weight from the car. I figure that weight reduction should help a bit as I tend to end up in a lot of stop and go traffic where I am constantly having to accelerate from being stopped. I am also looking into reducing my electrical load by replacing my headlights and taillights with LED type units which may have lower current draw. I had previously installed a lightweight racing battery in the car and have found that it doesn't run the lights, fans, etc... as well as the original one did with the addition of the underdrive pulley.

All in all, I am super excited to work on this project. It may prove to be more fun than my 2002 Civic Si (and costs sooooo much less).

doviatt 08-23-2010 05:22 PM

You are off to a great start cycleguy!
I too have a +50mi one way. Mine is mostly Freeway though. I could definitely benefit from aero mods as mentioned which I'm to lazy to do yet. I have extra weight in the form of passengers. I carry two carpool members almost every day and still get decent MPG's. I've been doing this commute for about 1.5 years. Just found a new job about half the distance and start next week. I'm Looking forward to that shorter commute and learning the new drive.
Good luck on you 75 goal. We are rooting for you.

cycleguy 08-24-2010 04:09 PM

doviatt, I used to carpool with one guy in my Civic but I am not much of a people person so I decided to remove all of the interior on this Metro, including all but the driver seat, so I don't have to make excuses to get out of carpooling. Also, I mounted a bike rack inside of the car so that I can transport my Cannondale without having a roof or trunk rack. I figure I could hold up to two bicycles in the car which would be good because I am a bit of a cycling freak. I do plan to get rid of some more weight by replacing my rear three windows with plastic, and I think I would like to attempt making a fiberglass hood and hatch. For me, the hardest part is finding time.

MetroMPG 08-27-2010 12:03 PM

Congrats on the new, closer job, doviatt.

Cycleguy - how hardcore did you go with gutting the car? Dashboard? Heat gun to strip the tar on the floor?

doviatt 08-27-2010 12:19 PM

Thanks MetroMPG. Less time, miles, and fuel purchased. This is a good thing. :-)

Cycleguy- the benefit to the co-workers I offered for the carpool was worth it for my efforts and sacrifice. But, I am more like you and prefer to ride alone. The conversations got difficult, stale, and boring at times and they never appreciated my music tastes. I like your idea of keeping the bike inside (good company, always). I've always found it hard to put my bikes outside on hatch mounts. My bike is worth much more $$$ than my car and I never liked it hanging out there exposed.

Keep us posted with the progress of your modifications and the benefits of your changes. I think the Geo Metro is the best value automobile I have ever purchased or even seen at this point. The modifications make them even better.

cycleguy 08-28-2010 03:41 AM

MetroMPG - I don't have a good pic yet, but the majority of my interior is gone. I still have a passenger side seatbelt, dashboard, driver carpet, tire and tools but I plan to get rid of most of the dash pretty soon. I didn't get into any heat gun stripping or anything like that, though I did remove the headliner. Right now I am working on creating a fiberglass hatch to replace the steel one. If that works out, I will make my own hood next. I tried making my own plastic windows for the back three, but I suck at cutting without creating a crack so I plan to take a template over to TAP Plastics sometime next week or so.

doviatt - My bike also cost more than my car so I know what you mean. Although that is not too tough at this point (my son & daughter's double jogger stroller cost about the same as my initial Geo investment). I really like the Metro and am very excited to be driving one right now even though it has been pretty hot lately and I was so spoiled with AC before. After I get my plastic windows in the back, I will tint them so that the car doesn't heat up so much. Also, I removed the passenger side air vent line and blocked it up so that ALL the air goes straight to me now. I am just rambling... It is just such a fun car I love to talk/write about it.

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