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RAV4 EV 11-25-2016 05:19 PM

Hello from an Electric Friend :) + Suggestions on what to learn in College?(Classes?)
Hi everyone,

Just joined today after banging my head for a while with the secret question. It was so obvious yet I made it most difficult for me thinking of every other possibility than the clear answer. Anyway, glad to be here. I've read ecomodder on and off for a while now and always loved to spot new crazy efficient aeromods on some vehicles. I'd love to do a few Aeromods myself eventually on my E-Vehicle. I'm currently in college going to try for my associates in science if all goes well :). From there, not sure what I'll do, but glad to be on track for something. I'll be taking an automotive fundamentals course this winter then from there either an introduction to welding course or maybe an introduction to electronics class (This one being a requirement for automotive brake systems + Suspension and Steering which is what I want to learn eventually). After that I'm not sure what to do other than the obvious which would be to gather credit for my Associates in science for a vehicle oriented major. I would also love to take up a few electricity courses since I think they will likely pay off in the future. On the side I will also be doing some martial arts classes just to stay physically healthy and active :). Would anyone have any suggestions on what to take toward a vehicle aeromod future? I'm kind of stumped on what to take, but I know that learning vehicle fundamentals is a good start.

Just taking it all nice and slow :turtle:

LittleBlackDuck 11-25-2016 05:54 PM

Welcome! Not being too familiar with the structure of the US education system I am unsure what level you are at. Forgive me for speaking in terms that may not be familiar but I will try to explain below.

In Australia, we have 6 years of primary (elementary) school followed by 6 years of secondary school. This is where the streams divide.
You can take on a trade by apprenticeship and study while working (auto mechanic, electrician etc)
You can study at a TAFE (Technical and Further Education) and get a certificate /diploma (massage, childcare, aged care etc)
You can go to university and get a degree (medicine, finance etc)

You sound like a hands on kind of person, and I f you want to learn about automotive brake, steering and suspension systems then it sounds like the apprenticeship /TAFE stream with more hands on experience will serve you well unless it is the design area, in which case mechanical engineering at university will probably be more suitable. You should also be able to add in extra subjects that reflect your interests. Aerodynamics and some of the aerospace stuff would be very useful in my opinion for the ecomodding angle.


oil pan 4 11-25-2016 06:01 PM

Since anything "automotive" isn't going to teach you anything about electric motors, motor controllers and 3 phase power.
You are going to have to look at something to do with industrial controls or plant operations.
Introduction to electronics isn't really going to teach you anything practical or useful when it comes to wiring something up on a vehicle.

Aerodynamics is branch of fluid dynamics.
Typically fluids 1 and 2 are part of a 4 year degree.

RAV4 EV 11-25-2016 10:26 PM

Thank you for the replies :) Highly appreciate the input.

The college I am going to also offers certificates on top of the associate degrees. I am considering getting them since the classes I will take almost align completely with the courses for the associate degree. The courses also come with hands on training so I will be getting hands on experience at least from what I understood. So yes I definitely want hands on experience :) I feel that is the most valuable. Not entirely sure on design unless it is Aeromod designs to increase the range of efficiency of the RAV4 EV :). I will have to see if there are any Aerodynamics courses offered I definitely have not see any fluids 1 or fluids 2 courses.

I will definitely look into classes that deal with electric motors, motor controllers and 3 phase power. I'm hoping to keep my RAV4 EV for a long time, if possible, so I think being able to care for it and work on longer range through maybe drag coefficient reduction will be a smart idea. I would like to maybe add a full boat tail on it which is why I want to take a welding course which, I think, could help with building out a frame for the boat tail. Lowering would also be great which is why I want to take the suspension and steering course. I'd rather do the work myself if possible, where possible. The toughest project, I think, might be the boat tail... only topped by wanting to add a RWD E.Motor from another rav4 ev since right now the Rav4 EV is FWD. Stuff really that I just dream about and feel can only come through if I study for it.

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