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weerrolf 11-01-2011 10:43 AM

Hello from Holland
I've been lurking for a long time, admiring all the work that has been done by you all over the last years and learning from it. I was checking out specs from various microcars meanwhile, as I wanted to have a good start hypermiling.

I just bought a Smart Forfour 1.1 as a replacement of my Volvo V70 TDI, so you could say I'm halfway there without doing anything :)

I choose the Smart as it has a pretty good economy to begin with, while still being able to transport a lot of stuff. The first mod will be to take out the backseats, the second a LPG conversion. The latter wont get me more MPG's, but it will cut my fuel costs with more then 60%. :o

I've got a whole list of mods in the planning, but I don't wanna bore everyone to death with that in my first post. And yes, a Scangauge or something similar will be the first thing after the LPG.



Daox 11-01-2011 11:38 AM

Welcome to the site.

It would be cool if you could share your LPG conversion here with us. I don't think anyone has documented a conversion here yet.

Vekke 11-01-2011 12:34 PM

Welcome to the forum. I can recommend ultragauge, more gauges and you can set alarms. Smart fortwo had quite smooth undertray however there were little room for improvement at the rear end of the car. also grill blocks work.

weerrolf 11-01-2011 07:33 PM

@ Daox: Thanks. I might just do that. There's been a lot of new developments in LPG installations lately, and so much more choice then a few years back.
@ Vekke: thanks, also for the advice. I didn't look into Ultragauge and I just love gauges :)
The Forfour doesn't look much like the rest of the Smart family, it shares 60% of it's part with the Misubishi Colt (the better parts I pray). A new undertray is on the list, it's pretty rough under there. Actually thinking about altering the wheelwells too, with a smooth transmission between. Have been tinkering with a the scale models I already bought (have one that's even 1:10)...

As much as I admire the Aerocivic (and believe me Basjoos, I really do), that's not for me. I need my car for my work, and it needs to look, uh, good. So I don't mind extreme mods, as long as it looks professional. I do have some practice with polyester though (have build my own canoes and surfboards, so maybe one day....).
But first things first, and why not start with working down the 65+ list

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