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Fox Mulder 07-29-2018 06:32 PM

Hello from Mid Michigan!
Hi all!

Been a lurker for a couple of years, and have especially enjoyed some of the amazing diy work everyone is doing. My current interest is in building a small ďluggageĒ trailer to tow behind our 2017 Subaru Forester. Iíve read as much as Iíve found about aerodynamics of trailers and thatís not a ton! Iím going to spend some more time researching, but if you have any tips or links you can suggest, feel free to help me out! Iím not looking to go crazy, but Iím building from scratch so options are open. I get over 30 mpg with my Forester driving reasonably, and donít want to destroy that. Iím thinking maybe itíll look a little like an Airstream Basecamp, but about 3x5 and maybe 44-48 inches high. Anyhow, thanks for the great forum, Iím glad to be here!

Daox 07-30-2018 09:14 AM

Welcome to the site!

Fox Mulder 08-03-2018 09:41 PM

Thanks! I’m excited to be a more active part of the community!

MetroMPG 08-04-2018 04:14 PM

Welcome ! I got your message about the thread in the moderation queue. It's approved now. (Sorry about that - I don't get notifications about those & should look into it. Usually they're just spam threads.)

As for the trailer, if it's small -- well within the cross-section of the back of the car and not far behind -- it should have minimal aero penalty. Just more weight & rolling resistance.

Fox Mulder 08-06-2018 10:19 AM

Thanks for making that happen! So, the same story for the trailer as for my pants, weight is the major enemy! Thanks for your advice!

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