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ecomodnorth 06-12-2022 03:35 AM

Hello - New to the forum - New Mod idea
After reading quite a bit... .. Had an idea..

Has anyone tried to replace a standard alternator with a maglev turbine type alternator/generator?

It would probably have to be a custom wound maglev using the same idea...but for higher rpm's.. and a custom set of pulleys.

They make them both vertical & horizontal now.. but it would provide an almost frictionless spin. Some of the 100lb - 200 lb versions produce 5-10kw at rated speeds (low rpms) .. and at high voltages. So the lighter ones .. might have some value in this kind of experimentation.

They have the new ones down to 2 m/s .. almost frictionless.

Anyway! Great forum,

freebeard 06-12-2022 10:29 AM


down to 2 m/s .. almost frictionless
What do you mean by this? Meters/second?

Do you have an example. The one I found with an appropriate size:

Too small with a price:

Proprietary products can't compete on price with OEM components. ROI will be elusive.

ecomodnorth 06-12-2022 08:00 PM
Hello! I can't post links yet...Im going to try it in the title of the reply..

Scroll down to the product description -- to see those ratings-

Different ratings different weight/kg,

And yes the m/s -- is different on different designs.

Some are rated higher than these (kw) with lower weight .. and lower price.. the manufacturers - direct -- are sometimes selling them $40-200..

Have no idea whether the ROI would be worth it... ! Especially modding one of those. They can be wound though... and by hand.

BUT, if a lighter model turbine.. with high current -- could be used for hybrid's (or an alternative alternator install location-- like near the rear wheels/axle with lower rpm) .. it's an idea that could find it's place in a newer car design (if it hasn't already).

Or aero engineered car designs -- things could be tried with a small turbine horizontally factored into a boat-tail or something - pointing away from the car... especially if the outflow could create some kind of alter-drag, I mean a drag that doesn't effect the vehicle so much.

** Edit - Like; a turbine mostly covered up where the air just clips the blades on one side.. since the m/s meters per second is so low.**

It's the rpm's (on these versions) that would pose a problem in an engine - as an alternator replacement.

This could potentially fall under the category of full car design I guess.... like designing something into a rear axle on a fwd as an alternator replacement location... or another gearbox off the transmission. The weight of the vehicle could push it passed a point at which the drag would be far less than the power output.

Just ideas -- Off the top of my head.. since the maglerv stuff open's some possibilities up.

If you do a long search, you can probably find a better design than the one I posted from alibaba - and sometimes less costly.

Just an idea!

freebeard 06-12-2022 09:00 PM

It's an interesting topic.

I have a 25ft of 1" hex bar stock I'd like to attach to a[n existing] utility pole with bearing, and a vertical axis mill at the top and a generator at the bottom. My thinking is the shaft would twist and store energy until it overcomes the cogging of the [Fisher-&Paykel washing machine] generator at startup.

These don't seem to have cogging.

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