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soycory 04-03-2009 04:14 PM

Hello - Newbie 85 civic dx 1.5l 5 speed
Hello everyone. I recently purchased a 1985 Honda Civic Hatchback with a broken timing belt. I also have purchased a used (135,000) 1986 CRX dx engine. This is a 1.5l carb car with a 5 speed manual. Anyway, right now I am putting a new timing belt, water pump, and seals on the “new” motor. I want my car to look good, but also want good fuel economy. Obviously the first part will be to get the car going to get a baseline. I am open to suggestions, and plan on a few upgrades related to fuel economy/looks already. Like moving the whip antenna and filling the hole and lowering the car (“dirty” aerodynamics underneath as well as for looks) and possibly some lightweight +1 14” wheels (kosei from tirerack probably looks and weight savings – 10.6 lbs per wheel). I am also looking at the exhaust as well as any other suggestions. Like I said I am looking for a good look but am I asking for the impossible? Looks + economy? :o

Ryland 04-03-2009 09:30 PM

the '85 civic I used to have got 42.2mpg without any mods at all, civic vx wheels re 9 pounds and cheap, they also bolt right on, the manual tranny needs new fluid every 2 years, the carburetors are complicated but if you try to make them simple they will drop you gas mileage and burn up your engine fast, you can get all the parts to do a top end carb rebuild, it takes about 2 hours and makes all the carb problems go away.
stock intake and exhaust is the only way to go with these cars, they will not run right with anything else, oem from honda is the best way to go, mufflers from them have a life time warenty for as long as you own the car and don't cost much more then discount ones, they will also make the car run right.

SVOboy 04-03-2009 10:37 PM

Welcome to ecomodder! I wonder if you can put a 1st gen crx hf swap in there.

Ryland 04-04-2009 08:16 PM

the carburatted engines on these civics have vacuum lines that control everything along with the ECU, they control the warm air intake, the lean burn, the fuel cut off that kicks in while you slow down in gear, there are around 57 vacuum hoses on the DX and off the top of my head I don't know the count on the crx hf, but they are not the same, I've owned both and had them sitting side by side.
the HF tranny does bolt right in tho, if you do want better gearing, I also have a gauge cluster that came out of a 1985 civic SI, so it has the tac, it will only fit the '84 and '85 hatchbacks due to some changes in the plugs that were used, but I am told by people who installed these that it will plug right in, sadly 3 days before this gauge cluster showed up in the mail my "85 civic dx was rear ended and totaled, I think I paid $45 plus shipping for it but as it is it's doing me no good, so if you want it I would sell it for around $25 or so including the shipping, and if you need any other small parts I still have that civic that was rear ended, I would only ask enough to cover my time to remove them and the cost of shipping on them.

soycory 04-05-2009 03:59 AM

Wow Civic SI gauges!
I am definitely interested in the gauges. Do you have a 3 spoke steering wheel? I also need a few cosmetic things like the vents for the heater/vents (no ac :thumbup:) the seatbelt thing (receiving end - not sure what it is called) a drivers side front turn/corner lens cover. So far that is what I am aware of. Anyway that is a very generous offer and I am very interested in any of these things. The HF transmission is a great idea. Do you know how much of a difference it makes? Will a later body style 2g crx hf transmission fit? Just asking as that would open up more options. Please let me know how much for these things and I will be glad to send you the money. Thank you again for your generous offer.

Ryland 04-05-2009 07:03 PM

If you want to take a look at the car and make a complete list of parts you want me to pull check out the photos here... then give me a few days as the car is stored at my parents house, and no, the steering wheel is the standard 2 spoke, the 3 spoke came on the SI and the CRX HF, I kept this car after it was totaled because I had dreams of getting another one, I really liked it! but I've moved on to the civic vx, a pair of electric cars and home ownership.

Here is the dash cluster I have as well.

And of course, the Civic I wish I owned (complete with VX wheels)

Any other help or info you need, just ask.

soycory 04-06-2009 01:51 AM

Sorry to see your civic so banged up. It looked pretty good before. I need new door trim pieces as well, but I don't know how much trouble they are to get off. So, I guess it would be the following.
1. si gauges
2. seat belt receiving end (what you connect the seatbelt to)
3. dash vents
4. drvers side front fender turn signal housing

Thank you so much for any of these things. Please send me prices and I will pay you Paypal or however you wish.

Thanks again-

cfg83 04-06-2009 03:13 AM

soycory -

Welcome to EM! That hatchback was amazing when it came out, it broke a lot of design rules. Between the CRX and yours, I don't know which one I wanted more.


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