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Dubbio 11-16-2014 07:30 PM

Hello from Ohio!
Hello! Ive been lurking so long i thought i actually registered a while back, appearantly not, so i finally did. Lots of good info on here, good job guys/gals(?). Ive been taking my toys apart since i could use a tool and now my toys are heavy and loud, i figure this path of the automotive hobby is probably better seeing as how it should pay for itself in the long run.

My car is '96 Neon Expresso sedan, 2.0 SOHC 16v, 5 speed with over 230kmi. Nothing real exciting but with the stick shift its plenty fun for me. Paid $650 2 years ago, and its been a trooper, was getting 33mpg in a mixed driving scenario. I have been trying to keep myself in the hypermiling mode and have a best of 38mpg so far, but winter weather and time are bringing that to an end. I tend to remove things as they fail, so bye-bye to a dead A/C system and I stripped the power steering out. Other than that I made a DIY intake and Duct taped up some bumper openings. Ive also pumped up the tires to 40psi cold. In the future ill eventually get some real Aero mods done and most importantly build a new motor for it.

UltArc 11-16-2014 10:21 PM

Welcome! If you know the site, I won't insult you by posting the basics. My best advice would be to use the search button, often I have a wacky idea and somebody has done it! Great way to learn more :)

Where at in Ohio?

Dubbio 11-17-2014 12:08 AM

Thanks! South west, Dayton area. Ive gotten pretty good at searching, unfortunately it eliminates some of the fun and interaction of having a back and forth with someone. I've been on a few forums, i know how it goes. sometimes i can't word my ideas in a way searches can use, so i may break taboo here and there. Usually i get excited about something and never touch base at all, but I'll try not to do that, LOL. my cousin likes pictures of everything, i imagine ecomodders are the same.

cowmeat 11-17-2014 06:22 AM

Welcome to the gang! There are a million tweaks between car and driver you'll find here, especially for a manual like yours. Don't let the cold weather beat you, there are mods to overcome that, too!

Not that I'd need them, lol. I grew up in the Cincinnati area, and every year we'd drive up to Dayton and go skiing. Too cold for me now! I haven't been that far north in years.

UltArc 11-17-2014 08:15 AM

Ah, pretty far from me- are you trapped under snow bright now? I wasn't sure if this is snow belt or actual snow.

I am not suggesting not posting, I am a big fan of restarting an old thread rather than creating a new one, if it makes sense. I think my Insight grille block projects need to get done, now.

fusion210 11-17-2014 09:53 AM

Welcome! I had an ecomodded neon build you might want to browse through. • View topic - My ecomodded neon. Tire spats & mini folding mirror install.

I also put together thee list of weight reduction for first gen neons. • View topic - Calorie counting, my weight reduction list.

I've been driving first gens since 2000.

I stopped posting in my build thread because of all the silly questions/discussions/comments. Then I started making a lot more money and just drive it how it sits getting 40mpg tanks. I only did 25% of what I'd like to do for ecomodding, I might go at it again at some point.

If you have any neon specific questions for me I'll do my best to answer them.

Dubbio 11-17-2014 01:23 PM

Awesome, thanks! i typicaly go by trial and error but if its something serious ill hit you up before i end up with a major flub up.

Yeah... We've got like 4" of white stuff so far, i have to drive to work up hill most of the way and HodgePodge was stuck in 2nd gear half the time and slipping most of the time. Despite that, the ScangaugeII said i avg 21.8 going to. im sure i can do better, its in need of some repairs before i get to excited about modding. Things like the idle air circut and the strut mounts are getting desperate, I'm certain I've got some suspension geometry working against me.

elhigh 11-17-2014 06:02 PM

I'm going to whip out my best Yoda for you:

Without desire nothing happens. Before you can be, strive you must.

Welcome, Dub. You're already well on your way before you even arrived, so good on you! Wander around, ask questions, don't poke Frank.

Mustang Dave 11-18-2014 09:00 PM


Originally Posted by elhigh (Post 455727)
.....don't poke Frank.


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