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SirKeats 05-23-2008 12:16 AM

Help identify and explain...
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replaced my pcv today... it really needed it. the hose between it and the air filter assembly was completely clogged. spent about an hour cleaning everything out (including the weird channel inside the air filter assembly... which was also clogged). amazing how much better the car idles now.

anyway, when diconnecting the air filter assembly i came across the part in picture one (attached). i'm wondering what it is.

furthermore... inside the hose between it (whatever it is) and the air filter assembly was the screw pictured in image 2.

can anyone explain why it may have been there? i removed it during my afore mentioned service and things seem to be running great. seems a bit screwy (pardon the pun) that someone would have put a screw inside the hose.

SirKeats 05-23-2008 12:32 AM


SirKeats 05-23-2008 10:03 AM

hehe.... i see.

it's my first log entry... that'll drop by like 99% once i add entry 2. LOL

SirKeats 05-28-2008 03:29 PM

back to the orig question... can anyone help me out here? i'd really like to know what this is and why it might have been intentionally blocked.

digitaldissent 05-28-2008 03:49 PM

maybe to block the PCV system to lower incoming HC to pass an emissions inspection.

having spent a few years as an import auto mechanic I'd say I have seen lots of screws, bolts and BBs in hoses in an effort to get a customers car to pass the "smog" check

SirKeats 05-28-2008 04:10 PM


that could very well be it i suppose... though that'd definitely not the pcv (i replaced that... it's on the opposite side of the throttle body). it could, though, be part of the emissions system - so you could very well be spot on with that guess.

anyone know what that part is exactly? it's a funny little canester of some sort - attaches to the air intake assembly.


digitaldissent 05-28-2008 06:34 PM

I totally over looked your question about what it is...

its got to be some kind of one-way valve or pressure valve (spring inside)

Have a look at that emissions sticker under the hood, hose diagram or maybe get a look at the factory manual. Without any diagrams for your car I really can't tell by the picture, I have only been under the hood of a Metro a few times many years ago.

good luck

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